TOTY iniesta or Kroos FIFA Team


I am hovering around 2m fifa 15 coins  so that probably will be enough coins for either TOTY iniesta or Kroos but not both.

Will need to sell my IF Bernat / 2IF Silva to raise more coins but they are more for long term investments.

I have had the most success with 433 (2) and am looking to build a squad to climb up the DIVS. which of these teams will you recc to build ?

1) I think that with Emre Can my midfield will have some bite, and Kroos can play the Qtr Back role with that 5 WF.

This will consist of TOTY Kroos

Neymar Balotelli Sterling

Iniesta Emre Can


Alba Boateng Hummels IF Glen Johnson

Leno / Neuer

2) Had alot of fun with NIF Iniesta and was immense. However Wilshere’s passing is nothing to scoff @ as well.

Neymar IF Carroll Oxlade

Iniesta Wilshere


Alba Boateng Hummels IF Glen Johnson


nice aggregation vishu, I got an untradeable suarez in FUTMAS. absolutely the absolution and anathema lol i had advised a 41212 as able-bodied with suarez / 2if Silva / Aguero but i never absolutely acquainted at home with the 41212 .BPL appropriate wingers never acquainted acceptable afterwards nani larboard .

I am also quite certain Kroos will be cheap due to the pace . Iniesta is however….

THis is the one year i am not excited about any players in the TOTY . Ronaldo / Messi never really was in my price range and i was really really wishing for a TOTY Bastian. No issues there i would straight up build a team around him


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